Operation Hours of Jack in the Box

With over two thousand joints across 19 states, Jack in the Box is one of the prominent fast food chains in the USA. They are best known for the funny commercials they make which feature their main character named “Jack”. Apart from the marketing job these ads do, they also show that the company is thriving to a considerable extent. They offer an amazing menu, which is a mix of traditional, national and international food themes.

Jacklistens Hours

www.jacklistens.com operation hours

The company’s slogan “we don’t make it till you order it” was one of the most popular marketing slogans across the states in 80s and 90s. It intended to present the freshness of the food and quick service.

In 2009, they changed their slogan to “eat it. Any time”. This meant that you could enjoy a meal at “Jack in the Box Survey” any time of the day. But are they really open for 24 hours? Let’s look at the general time schedule of Jack in the Box chains.

Operation Hours

Just like any other 24 fast food chain, the JackListens hours have one or two “flexible” hours during the graveyard shift. Most of the night shift services are offered through the drive-through and the lobby is closed. Here is an overview of the daily jack in the box hours

Lobby Hours for summers

  • Sunday- Wednesday 7am – 2am
  • Thursday- Saturday 7am – 3am

Drive-Through Hours for summers

  • Sunday – Wednesday 7am- 3am
  • Thursday – Saturday 24 hours

Normal Hours

  • Lobby all week 6am- 3am
  • Drive through 24 hours

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Like every other fast food chains, jack in the box does not offer most healthy food, but they are the foremost advocates for “the safe food in fast food chains” campaign. They have nice locations with a clean and tidy atmosphere, the waiting staff is properly trained to serve customers in the best manners. These all things make the meal at jack in the box a pleasant experience.

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