Jack in the Box Locations

Jack in the box locations are spread throughout the West Coast. The eateries food offerings include hamburgers, tacos, chicken meals and even shakes. The fast food chain gives diners an American take on ethnic meals like teriyaki chicken in Hawaii and date shakes in parts of California.

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Where are Jack in the box restaurants located?

jack in the box locations

At the moment the fast food restaurant owns 2,200 joints that can be found in states like Arizona, California, Utah and Kansas. The fast food chain intends to expand nationwide and in 2012, opened a location in Indianapolis and Ohio followed thereafter.

Everyone probably knows the closest Jack in the box to their residence, but what happens if you travel to a different of your city or maybe you leave the city altogether? Maybe you are dying for a classic buttery jack with a chocolate ice cream, how do you satisfy that craving if you do not know the nearest location? The guys at Jack in the box anticipated this, and their website now has a tool which enables you to find the branch closest to where you are.

How to use the location finder?

  • 1. Search for the jack in the box website through your search engine, alternatively type in the url www.jackinthebox.com into the address bar and click enter.
  • 2. On the home page, in the menu you should see the location finder. Click this button.
  • 3. The next page should have a box asking you to either use your current location or enter your zip code, city or state.
  • 4. If you click the first option, it should locate all the branches in your area.
  • 5. However, if the first method does not work, you can use the second method and enter your location into the search box, and it will locate the restaurants in your area. The listing will have the distance from your current location, the address and the contact number.
  • 6. Sometimes both methods fail to work because the nearest branch is a distance away. The following message should appear “It’s a huge bummer, but there are no jack in the box restaurants within 30 miles of your searched location. The closest location is X miles away in Y city/state. Click here to search in that area.”
  • 7. Click on the words “click here”, and a list of the closest Jack in the box locations should be listed.

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  1. I visited this store for lunch on Friday, October 16th. This was my third time here. I followed health protocol and wore a mask and maintained social distancing. I stood in line to order behind one man who was there when I got there. Although visible to the staff behind the counter, no one came to take that man’s order. He finally got tired of waiting and left. I stepped up and after waiting awhile, I called out to one employee who directed another to come to the counter. I placed my order, ate and left.

    This is my third time to have lunch at this store. Once was before the pandemic. Each time I have experienced the same poor service at the counter. Three times is enough I am not going back.

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  2. Hello, I eat at Jack in the Box often. Most of the time I cant find an active survey zone?
    I hit survey now, nothing happens. Can you give me an active site?

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