Why Consider a Jack in the Box Franchise?

Of all the fast food chains offering franchises, what are the reasons for considering a Jack in the Box Franchise? You need to examine these reasons to see if it is really in your best interest to put your investment in this brand name.

It Pays to Be Wise

jack in the box franchise

With more and more fast food chains offering franchises, you need to be wise in choosing the company where your money will grow best. This is all the more important if the amount that you are investing is quite large. You need to be sure that you can get your ROI at the soonest possible time.

Reasons for Choosing a Jack in the Box Franchise

Here are some valid reasons why you need to consider a franchise with Jack in the Box.

1. Jack in the Box has a small franchise community. There are only about 107 franchise operators at the moment and they have been with the company about 22 years on the average. This restaurant has been using an award-winning campaign system that generates national brand awareness very effectively. It enables the brand to have higher core markets than its nearest competitors.

2. As of May, 2015, Jack in the Box has around 80 per cent of its operations handled by its franchise operators, and yet it can still offer excellent acquisition and development opportunities.

3. There is still a great room for growth with this fast food chain. There are now about 2,250 franchised and company locations spread over 21 states.

4. Jack in the Box can be considered as a fast-food pioneer because of the many firsts it has achieved since it was established in 1951. Its accomplishments are:

• First major hamburger chain to develop and expand concept of drive-thru dining
• First breakfast sandwich (1969)
• First portable salad (1982)
• First QSR chain to integrate video graphics in order-confirmation displays (1997)
• First self-serve kiosks (2006)
• First 100% Sirloin Burger (2007)

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Full Support

Jack in the Box also provides full support to its franchisees. The company’s financial and human resources are at the disposal of their operators to enable them to build the brand and open new markets. This approach has attracted the best-in-class franchisees to the company’s fold.

Jack in the Box realizes that the key to their continued growth and the achievement of their long-term goals is by throwing their full support to their franchise operators.

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